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Is Basement Waterproofing Covered by Homeowners Insurance?

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Many individuals don’t think about something as straightforward as flooding insurance policy till after it’s too late and they are dealing with water in the basement. However, many people do think ahead and a basement waterproofing company will frequently receive calls folks who would like to know if they can work with their insurance carrier to have their services covered. The answer is, of course, “not always”– but it does happen routinely.

If you’re not covered by your flood insurance it could be one of a few reasons. One of the most typical is that you do not in fact have flood insurance. It seems to make sense that most “multi-peril” property owner’s insurance plans don’t in fact cover flooding. You need separate flood insurance coverage to cover such things as basement waterproofing.

High water levelsEven if you have flood insurance, you may not be covered. If the flooding was triggered by the groundwater rising as opposed to a broken water pipe, normal flood insurance will not cover it. “groundwater rising” basically implies “it rained so much that the aquifer came up over the side wall in your home and seeped into the basement. Although, if the water rises above the ground, then you have flooding and your insurance carrier will typically cover this claim.

Be aware that while a flood insurance plan will generally cover the personal valuables you have in your residence, items in your basement could be excluded. Your flood insurance will cover the structure of the home and “essentials” like appliances, heater, pumps etc. but may not cover the cost of remodeling a flooded basement.
Take a close look at your coverage and speak with your agent about what is covered and just as important, what is NOT covered.

Typically covered:

  • sump pumps
  • well-water containers and well pumps
  • tanks and the water inside
  • oil tanks and the oil inside
  • natural gas storage tanks and the gas within
  • pumps or storage tanks used with solar power heaters
  • hot water heater
  • air conditioning units
  • heat pumps
  • electric junction and also circuit breaker boxes (and utility connections).
  • foundation elements
  • staircases / stairways
  • lifts / elevators / dumbwaiters
  • unpainted drywall walls as well as ceilings
  • washer and dryer
  • refrigerators / freezers and the contents
  • “Clean-up costs” are traditionally covered

Every person ought to inspect to find out if their area is covered by FEMA’s National Flood Insurance policy Program; if it is, they have the choice to purchase some pretty good flood insurance coverage at respectable costs. The best component is that membership in a NFIP-covered area is the only requirement. It matters not if you’re actually in a disaster area, if you have experienced at least one flood, any participant in that area could (and must) obtain insurance that will certainly cover standard basement waterproofing as well as flood recuperation.

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