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Foundation Pros is your local waterproofing and mold remediation company serving the entire state of Massachusetts. We understand that no two water problems are alike and we provide a large variety of alternatives to fit every homeowners needs. Our certified technicians will inspect your crawlspace and basement thoroughly both inside and out. We will provide you with a variety of remedies and advise on the best solution for your situation, making sure that you understand the problem and solution. When you understand the cause of the problem and the remedy you will feel more comfortable that the problem will be fixed right and permanently. Reclaiming your basement and home is just a phone call away!

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Importance of repairing your foundation quickly

Unfortunately, foundation problems in your home will not go away over time. They will actually get worse and cause more damage over time. Once water seeps into the cracks of your foundation it will cause the cracks to expand. This will cause shifting, buckling and increase your water problems.

When homeowners are able to recognize and fix a cracked foundation quickly the cost to repair is far less. If you notice any cracks in the interior or exterior foundation of your home, give us a call for a free inspection and estimate.

Warning signs that you might have a foundation problem

It is a little trickier to identify a foundation problem if you have a finished basement or crawlspace. Lets start with an unfinished basement and what to look for:

  • Cracks in the concrete floor and walls – Inspect the floor throughout the entire basement looking for cracks. Also check the corners where the wall meets the floor and ceiling.
  • Levelness of the floor – Check to see if the basement floor is level or bubbling in the middle.
  • Inspect concrete around the basement windows – Look to see if there is any cracking around the windows

If you have a finished basement or crawlspace here are some things to look for:

  • Cracks in the drywall –  Check the basement and upper levels to see if the drywall is cracking. Not all cracks are due to foundation problems so you’ll want to look for some of these other signs as well.
  • Doors & windows not closing properly – check to see if all of your interior doors are closing normally or if they are sticking. The same thing with the windows, are they sticking and hard to open and close.
  • Sagging or unleveled floors – Check the levelness of the floors in the basement and upper levels. Look for sloping and sagging.
  • Water leaking into the basement or crawlspace – If water is penetrating into the basement or crawlspace, this is a strong indication of a foundation problem. In the crawlspace you may not be able to see the water but if you notice a musty smell after it rains you might have a problem

At Pic Home Pros we provide a full range of Basement and Crawlspace Waterproofing Solutions

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Foundation water problems – where to begin

You’ll be surprised to learn that most older homes have some degree of water problems in their home. Older homes were built to a different set of building code requirements and have since been updated to improve the integrity of structures in our unique climate and soil conditions.

If you suspect that you might have a water problem whether it be water leaking or flooding every time it rains, it would be to your advantage to have it inspected right away. Our team of experienced foundation waterproofing contractors know the warning signs and can get into your crawlspace for a thorough inspection. As stated above the problem will not go away on it’s own so it is better to address it right away.

Best sump pump solutions for basement water problems

A sump pump is vitally important for most homes in the Cambridge area. Wet ground and rising water tables are part of the natural surroundings. Having a quality sump pump installed in your home will give you piece of mind.

There are numerous sump pumps on the market and just as many horror stories where the power went out and the sump pump stopped working to a failed pump when the rains were at their worst. Our sump pumps have a battery backup and manual switch. Call for a free inspection of your sump pump system and information about our quality sump pumps.

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Common foundation problems experienced by Lowell homeowners

All foundation problems are different from home to home and Lowell is no different. We’ve seen everything from soil erosion to water tables rising. One thing you can count on when it comes to your homes foundation is that all problems can be corrected and some are much easier than you might think.

As certified technicians we are experienced with all types of foundation water problems. We will access your situation and devise a plan that will permanently stop water from entering your home. Our services include foundation waterproofing, foundation water sealing, crawlspace encapsulation and mold remediation.

Exterior Signs of Foundation Water Problems

When water seeps into the foundation it can cause problems in the house but some problems will be more obvious by looking at the exterior of your home. Here are some exterior signs that you might have a foundation water problem:

  • Tilting chimney – as your foundation shifts the chimney can pull away or be pushed away from the house and it is most obvious when you look at it from the roof. Look for cracks around the chimney and where it attaches to the roof
  • Cracks in the exterior wall – Cracks will begin to appear just above the soil line, around windows and doors. On brick homes you’ll see cracks in the mortar between the bricks.

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How to identify mold problems caused by a wet or leaky basement or crawlspace

If you suspect a mold problem it is best to contact a remediation specialist to remove the mold properly and thoroughly. Some warning signs of mold problems

  • A musty smell – If you’ve noticed a musty smell coming from the basement or crawlspace you may have a problem. Especially if this has been going on for a period of time.
  • Check the joists – Mold attaches itself to organic materials and likes dark damp places so the joists along the ceiling of your basement and crawlspace are a good place to look.
  • Check behind the floor boards – In a finished basement the floor boards can hide mold from your view.

Dangers of basement & crawlspace mold from a leaky foundation

Water leaking into your home is not only harmful to the integrity of your home but also to the occupants. Wet and damp environments are breeding grounds for mold and mildew. Mold in your home is not something to take lightly because it poses a serious health risk.

Over time mold can grow in the crawlspace, behind the walls and baseboards and in the floor joists of the main level. When this happens you’ll need to bring in a remediation specialist who can eliminate the mold spores.

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Home waterproofing and mold removal products and solutions

Foundation waterproofing solutions for basement and crawlspace include the following:

  • Crawlspace Encapsulation
  • Drains
  • Sump Pump Systems
  • Foundation Sealants

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Working with a licensed & certified foundation specialist

Always work with a licensed, insured and certified foundation waterproofing and mold removal Boston professional. These problems are not for the DIY handyman, nor are they a fun weekend project. So if the work is done improperly or substandard you will be risking the structural integrity of your home not to mention the additional cost to do it right.

The Foundation Pros has fully trained and  certified technicians, we carry proper insurance to protect our staff and your property and we are licensed by the state of Massachusetts.

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