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Correct Water Problems & Remove Toxic Mold From Your Boston Home

We realize it is hard for homeowners when the need arises to hire a foundation waterproofing contractor. Most property owners call more than one business before deciding, and we understand that. Our foundation waterproofing systems are tested and proven systems to properly resolve your water problems. If you suspect that your home may have a water problem, simply give us a call and we will be glad to schedule a consultation with one of our Qualified waterproofing and mold inspection specialists.

Free, no obligation Quote and Inspection

The Foundation Pros is more than a foundation waterproofing company. We do mold remediation too. When water gets into your home, in the right conditions, mold can begin to grow very rapidly within a few days. Our services will  stop the water from getting into the home and remove the toxic mold, making your home safe and secure.

We understand your house is your most valuable possession. Our products and services will help you protect your investment. When you realize that you might have a problem with water seeping into your basement or crawlspace it can be stressful and leave you with a great deal of uncertainty. We can put your mind at ease. Our experienced and certified professionals will provide you with a comprehensive evaluation and written quote. But we take it a step further by showing you what we found and how we plan to rectify the situation.

When the time comes to fix your foundation, waterproof the basement, perform a crawlspace encapsulation or install a sump pump, we utilize the most state of the art technologies and solutions available. All installed by certified and experienced technicians and backed by our market leading warranties.

Basement & Crawlspace Waterproofing

Massachusetts property owners: Is your basement leaking? Do you see cracks in your foundation wall, notice a musty smell, have increased humidity under your house? The Foundation Pros is Massachusetts basement and crawlspace waterproofing company. We have been fixing home foundations for years with proven, clean, and effective techniques that are cost effective, and preserve the strength and safety of your house’s foundation.

For a dry, clean, healthy, safe, and energy efficient home, The Foundation Pros is ready with waterproofing solutions and the experience to get the job done right. We happily serve the entire state of Massachusetts. We’re glad to drive out to your home for a totally free basement or crawlspace assessment. Contact us by clicking on the link below for a totally free inspection!

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Mold Remediation Services

We are your local experts for mold testing, inspections and remediation. We offer 24 hour emergency response service. our estimates for mold removal are always free!

For mold to begin growing in your home it needs moisture and a temperature of about 70°F or more. When water gets into your home, be it the basement, crawlspace or attic, if not dried out properly you will have a problem. Mold likes to hide in damp warm places. You could be living with mold spores in your home and not even know it.

If you’ve experienced a fire or flood, we can help with our professional mold removal and dry out services. After a flood or fire your home could be at risk of mold problems. In the right conditions mold can begin growing faster than most people think. We can be there within a few hours to help dry out your house to prevent any possible mold growth. Catching the problem before it begins will save you the expense of full remediation services down the road.

For more information on mold problems and remediation services: Mold Removal

Crawlspace Repair

If your crawl space is showing signs of structural damage, flooding, moisture problems, humidity, or poor insulation, we offer a complete line of services and products. All our solutions will permanently fix your crawlspace problems.

Even though your crawlspace isn’t living space it serves an important role in the construction of your home. When the foundation in your crawlspace is weakened the entire house is at risk. If you notice any signs of water or foul odors coming from below you may have a problem. A poorly insulated crawlspace can also cost a homeowner thousands in lost energy over a lifetime. We can help resolve your crawlspace problems.

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Sump Pump Installation

Innovative sump pump systems guarantee a dry basement

Is your sump pump able to handle the load in extreme conditions? Will it contineue to run when the electricity is out in your home? Sump pump systems we recommend are developed to handle the most extreme conditions that your home can endure. You can count on reliable, long-lasting efficiency since our sump pump systems integrate innovative features with quality performance.

Don’t settle for a low quality pump

Most homeowners are still dealing with an old dirty pump, open pits and under-powered pumps. These outdated systems aren’t just unsightly; they’re also susceptible to numerous problems that can trigger basement flooding, pumps that easily clog from debris and sediment in the sump pit, switches that breakdown and pumps that burn out just when you need them most. Our sump pump systems offer the best efficiency, performance and value. Not to mention they have an appearance that you’ll be happy to display in your basement.

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