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Basement Water Control Systems & Solutions

Keep Your Basement Dry

With a dependable (and appealing) sump pump system

The heart of your basement should include a sump pump installation. The system is designed to do all the heavy lifting and keep your basement or crawl space dry. The pump is designed to collect water in a pit that is then pumped out of the house and away from your foundation.

Your sump pump setup does not have to be an eyesore with an unsightly open pit. We install a sump liner and resilient plastic housing with an airtight cover. Installing a sump pump is part of the Foundation Pros’ well designed waterproofing solution.

6 Reasons to count on a Basement sump pump system

1. Quality parts. We use top quality sump pump motors which are designed to handle long runs and high water volumes.

2. Reliable performance. A quality sump pump installation will integrate clog-proofing features like pump platforms and jam-proof switches. We also include check valves to minimize pump run time.

3. Attractive look. With every sump pump we install, you’ll get a patented airtight lid and a clean, neat look that looks excellent.

4. Various models to choose from. We’ll help you select the sump pump system that works finest with your spending plan and your waterproofing system.

5. Power blackout protection. Worried about keeping the sump pump running throughout a power interruption? Ask about our TripleSafe sump pump systems.

6. WaterWatch alarm system. Every sump pump system installed by Precision has a built in alarm system that is designed to trigger much like a smoke detector if the water in the sump pit lifts the float and the motor doesn’t turn on.

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Don’t choose a sub-par sump pump

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Since a sump pump  installation is crucial for keeping the basement (or crawlspace) dry, you deserve to install a sump pump system that will be dependable for many years to come. Call today to find out more about why we have the very best sump pump systems in the market.

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