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Waterproofing & Dehumidification Solutions in Massachusetts

The Foundation Pros provides Boston basement waterproofing and dehumidification services to keep your home dry and healthy. If you’re dealing with a wet basement or crawlspace, our team of certified waterproofing technicians can help you repair and protect your home.

Begin with a free home health examination with one of our Waterproofing Specialists, and we’ll help you clearly understand the best products and solution for your homes water problems.

Change your basement or crawlspace into usable square footage that can increase your home’s value. We make use of innovative techniques and products to dry your space, and avoid future water issues. Once your space is completely dried out and all sources of leakage have been repaired, we’ll install a customized foundation waterproofing solution for your basement’s special contour and footing type. We develop a long-term solution that prevents damage to the footing.

When Basement Waterproofing Is Needed

Our home is our shelter to protect us from the outside but oddly enough it can be hazardous to your health if you don’t take the proper preventative measures when it counts. Your house, similar to your health, is important to you for any variety of reasons– sadly, a wet and damp basement can pose a risk to both.

Signs of water damage need to be checked right away. The health-related concerns and structural problems attributed to damp homes need to not be taken lightly. If your basement is wet, you may be exposing yourself (and your family) to mold, germs, insects along with a host of other allergens.

Basement & Waterproofing Solutions

Basements can be damp and humid places because of the ground water that can seep into your home. Condensation can form on the unfinished walls of your basement or crawlspace. We provide numerous foundation waterproofing options for the interior and exterior of your basement or crawlspace walls. We install custom-made interior slab dewatering systems, which will secure your home from wetness, vapors, and unsafe mold development. We also design exterior drain solutions that address standing water, water evacuation from foundations and preserving walls in addition to rainwater capture.

Safeguard your house, lawn, garden and landscaping functions from pooling and flooding. We utilize a wide range of eco-friendly drain solutions and items from top-flight manufacturers to match your distinct have to the best custom-tailored option.

Contact us today for your FREE examination and estimate! Our waterproofing specialists will extensively evaluate your house’s interior and exterior and design a solution customized for your house’s specific requirements. Secure your home and call today and get your free inspection

We can Create a Dry Basement in Any House

dry basement - basement waterproofing massachusetts

Reclaim Your Basement – Basement Waterproofing MA

Many homeowners thought it was impossible to have a dry basement. They’ve accepted the musty, damp room because they believe there is nothing they can do about it. After all, how can an underground room that is surrounded by soil not wind up flooded on a regular basis?

It is possible to have a dry basement in your residence and to utilize this additional area to your advantage. We utilize state of art technologies, quality products and  services for homeowners that are ready to reclaim their basement.

A dry basement isn’t just a dream, it is possible with the installation of a quality drain system and sump pump. The loose soil surrounding your foundation allows water to leak into your basement through the walls and floor. There are numerous products to keep your basement dry.


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