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Waterproofing Your Massachusetts Home’s Foundation

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Your home is probably the biggest investment you’ll make in your lifetime and protecting that investment should be top priority. Your home’s foundation is the most important part of the home because it is the key component that stabilizes your home and if anything happens to the foundation it can effect the entire house. One of the most common problems that your homes foundation can encounter in the Massachusetts area is water damage. Water is the enemy of your homes foundation and everything you can do to protect it should be done.

When a home is being built it always starts with the foundation. It is important to stabilize the soil by compacting it correctly to make a solid,  stable table for your foundation to rest upon. At this time homes in high water table areas should include proper drainage and waterproofing materials applied to the foundations interior and exterior. As advancements in technology come along the regulations for home foundations have improved and newer homes have many of these advancements already built into the homes foundation. But older homes most likely are not properly protected from water damage.

Waterproofing systems can be applied to the interior and exterior of older homes relatively easily. If you have or suspect a water problem in your home’s foundation it would be a good investment of your time to have a foundation specialist come out to take a look. The Foundation Pros offer free estimates and will be happy to stop by and assess your foundation  in the basement or crawlspace.

Massachusetts foundation waterproofingOften times waterproofing is confused with damp proofing a foundation. Damp proofing a foundation is a process that slows the water from penetrating the foundation and is not a complete solution but rather a band aid. Waterproofing is a full process that protects the foundation from further water damage. Waterproofing materials resist water and freezing and thawing cycles that are harmful to the foundation over time. Waterproofing is a permanent solution.

There are several techniques for waterproofing your homes foundation and a specialist will be able to identify the problem thus providing the best solution for your situation. In some cases water may be pooling around the exterior foundation and proper grading with an exterior waterproofing membrane is all that is needed. In other cases the water table rising may be the cause of the problem. In this case an interior or exterior footer drain may be required to keep the water away from the foundation during heavy rains. A quality, reliable sump pump will most likely be a part of the solution.

Whatever situation you may have, protecting your homes foundation from water problems will extend the life of your home, reduce repair costs, protect your family from potential mold problems and increase the value of your home. For more information about waterproofing your Massachusetts home call the Foundation Pros and request a free no obligation inspection today.

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