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Basement Waterproofing Boston & Mold Remediation Services, Cambridge, Lowell, Springfield, Worcester & more!

Basement Waterproofing Boston

Water is a common problem for homeowners throughout the Boston area. When water and moisture penetrate the foundation of your home the number of problems that follow can cause serious damage to the structural integrity of your home. Our crawl space and basement waterproofing systems were developed by engineers specifically to meet the rigorous standards required in Massachusetts and are installed by our certified  basement waterproofing Boston professionals.

Signs that you may have a water problem:

  • Musty odors in the basement - especially when it rains
  • Water leaking from the walls or floor
  • Feels hot and humid in the summer

Stop the water problems in your home permanently and reclaim your basement with basement waterproofing. Learn more about our basement waterproofing Boston services

Mold Remediation MA

Testing your home for mold should be a priority if you have had water problems in your home. Mold spores are not only harmful to the occupants and can pose a serious health risk but it can also threaten the structural integrity of your home. Black mold is among the most dangerous types of mold that can grow and prosper in a damp environment.

If mold spores are not removed completely they can grow back. They thrive in dark damp places attached to organic materials like insulation, wood floor joists and even the dirt floor in your crawlspace. You can visually inspect for mold but the most accurate test is an air quality test because mold can be hiding behind baseboards and in small tight spaces.

Learn more about our mold inspection and testing services

Mark & Cindy

The Williams Family

Boston, MA

I wanted you to know that I am extremely happy with the quality job you did in fixing the water issue in my basement. We had a heavy rain storm about a week ago and my basement remained dry. Thank you!
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